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What evidence do I need to prove my residential, premise or garage address?

If none of your documents show your current Tasmanian residential/premises address you must provide at least one original document (less than 6 months old) from the list below that has your current address on it to prove your residential, or premise address.

  • Financial institution statement
  • Utility account (power, water, sewerage, telephone or gas)
  • Council rate notice
  • Lease or rent agreement
  • Land tax valuation notice
  • Australian Taxation Office Assessment (current or last financial year)
  • Certificate of Title.

All vehicles registered in Tasmania must have a Tasmanian garage address, which is either where the vehicle is normally kept (for light vehicles) or the principal depot or base of operations for the vehicle (for heavy vehicles with a Gross Vehicle Mass over 4.5 tonnes)

If your garage address is different from the residential/premise address you will need to provide evidence of that address from this list as well.