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1What is a trade plate

A trade plate allows the use of unregistered vehicles on public streets.

Trade plates also come with a certificate that gives the owner of the plate use for 12 months.

2Who can use a trade plate?

Trade plates can be used by businesses involved in different motor vehicle and trailer activities including:

  • Manufacturing
  • Importation
  • Sale
  • Modification
  • Repair

3What can trade plates be used for?

You can use a trade plate to drive a vehicle:

  • From the place a vehicle is manufactured to a place of sale
  • For test drives
    • With a member of the public driving, or
    • To demonstrate the vehicle to a member of the public
  • To deliver the vehicle
    • Before a sale
    • After a sale
  • For other purposes relating to
    • Manufacture
    • Repair
    • Modification
    • Sale

4What are the conditions of use?

Trade plates can only be used:

  • By someone authorised by the plate holder
  • For no longer than 36 hours on a single vehicle at any one time
  • If they are attached to the rear of the vehicle and clearly visible
    • They may be attached in another position if permitted

The holder of a trade plate must keep records containing details of the use of vehicles under the authority of the trade plate:

  • In a manner and form acceptable to the Registrar – see Key Links for ‘Trade Plate Record of use example’
  • Journey and vehicle information records to be retained for 12 months beyond the trade plate expiry date.

6What will I receive?

If your application is approved you will receive a:

  • Black and yellow “M” plate
  • Trade plate certificate
    • With conditions of use
  • Certificate of registration

7How and when do I renew my trade plates?

A renewal notice will be sent to you.

You will need to renew your trade plates every 12 months at a Service Tasmania shop.

Trade plates cannot be renewed online or at Australia Post.