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1Register background

The register is an initiative developed by the National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council.

Vehicles within the register are recorded by their Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

Depending on the damage sustained, a vehicle may be recorded as either:

  • A repairable write-off, these are required to be identified with blue labels that indicate the vehicle to be a repairable write-off.
  • A statutory write-off, these are required to be identified with yellow labels that indicate the vehicle to be a statutory write-off.

Regardless of a label being present or not, a vehicle remains a write- off if it is recorded on the register.

2Categories of total loss vehicles

Statutory Write-off?

Statutory write-off vehicles are assessed by a prescribed person as a total loss and classified to be a statutory write-off in accordance with the technical guide (Damage Assessment Criteria for the Classification of Statutory Write-Offs) approved by Austroads Ltd.

Repairable Write-off

A repairable write-off is a vehicle assessed as a total loss, however does not meet the criteria as a statutory write-off and can still be re-registered for use following the correct repair process and successful completion of inspections to determine the vehicle’s structural integrity, roadworthiness and identity.

3How can I check the register?

You can check if a vehicle is listed as a write-off by:

  • Using the Registration check service (Tasmanian registered vehicles declared as a write-off, either statutory or repairable write-off)
  • Calling Service Tasmania on 1300 135 513
  • Undertaking a Personal Property Security Register (PPSR) check.

4Can I repair and register a written-off vehicle?

  • You can not register statutory write-off vehicles. It is an offence to use a statutory written-off vehicle on the road network. These vehicles can be used for parts subject to the component being fit for purpose.
  • You can register repairable write-offs subject to acceptable repairs and successfully completing the three tiered inspection process.

For information on the process and requirements of repairing, inspection and registering a repairable write-off, please refer to the:

Guidelines on written-off vehicles.

5Can a written-off vehicle be driven on a public street?

  • No, for all statutory write-offs. There is no exception.
  • No, for all repairable write-offs, unless repaired and being driven to a place of inspection for the purpose of, or registration via a direct route.

6Notification of a written off vehicle

Assessors of total loss vehicles must notify Registration and Licensing Services of the outcome of an assessment as a statutory write-off or repairable write-off within seven days.

They can do so by submitting the National Written-off Vehicle Notification form (MR11):

  • via email
  • by mail
    • addressed to: Registration and Licensing Services, GPO Box 1002 Hobart TAS 7001
  • in person at Service Tasmania.

7Who can assess vehicles to be a Written-Off Vehicles?

Written-off vehicles can be assessed as a total loss by:

  • Auction houses
  • Dealers
  • Insurers
  • Auto parts dismantlers
  • Loss assessors