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The Safer Driver Reward provides eligible drivers and riders with a three-year full licence that is valued at up to $75.75.

This will replace the existing Offence Free Reward which eligible applicants must manually apply for. Eligibility requirements for both schemes are the same.

Those who progressed to their full licence prior to 1 December 2020 and are eligible for the Offence Free Reward have until 1 December 2021 to claim a refund under that scheme.

Who can get the reward?

To be eligible for the safer driver reward, you will need to have:

  • been licensed in Tasmania for both the full P1 and P2 periods;
  • completed both the P1 and P2 periods;
  • not have any demerit points recorded on your licence during the P1 and P2 periods;
  • not committed an offence  in the P1 and P2 periods leading to:
  • a disqualification period
  • suspension
  • cancellation
  • disqualification; and
  • not already received this or any other reward for another licence class
    • so for example: if you have received a motorcycle offence free reward, you cannot claim a Safer Driver Reward for your car licence, and vice versa.
  • Please refer to Demerit points and driving offences if you need more information.