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Be aware of big load length and weight as this affect vehicle moveability

Some loads may weigh up to 180 tonnes, and because of this, simple actions like braking and turning become much more difficult. This means that over some sections of the route with bridges and tight corners the loads may slow to 10kph. This means you may face longer delays and need to allow more time for your journey if travelling over these sections of the route.

Communication between the convoy vehicles, pilots and escort vehicles is usually carried out on UHF radio channel 40.

The loads must also stay central to the sealed road surface for safe passage.

There are restricted passing opportunities to overtake big load convoys along the route and should not be undertaken until directed by the Pilot/Escort operator.   Patience is requested from the travelling motorists.
The convoys will monitor traffic build-up, when and where safe to do so, pull over and direct traffic past. This can be only be done in places where it is safe for all drivers and other road users.

If you are behind a convoy please drive carefully and be patient. Big things can’t be rushed.