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When do we plan big moves?

We plan for big moves to leave at night when traffic is at its quietest whenever possible, but some big moves may need to have daylight for some of the journey. This helps our drivers to navigate difficult roads and makes the move safer for everyone.

For convoys travelling along the same route often on bigger projects, like windfarm components, we will conduct practice runs along the entire route. Practice runs will check for any issues we need to fix to make sure everything will run smoothly once the big things begin to roll out.

The big objects may be stored in holding yards, wharfs, factories or engineering fabricating workshops after they arrive, or after they are purpose built, and are waiting to be moved.

They are then loaded from this yard onto the trucks for transportation once the moves are ready to start. During this process, the loads are carefully checked to make sure they are safely secured before the convoy can start its journey.

Once they hit the road, the big things and escort vehicles travel in convoy, making sure the road is clear ahead. Some loads will have up to four massive trucks each to carry the loads with two highly visible escort vehicles with flashing red and blue lights and three pilot vehicles with orange flashing lights will accompany the main loads.