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This is called an over-size over-mass, or OSOM, move. OSOM Loads can measure almost 80 metres long, be almost 7 metres wide and weight more than 180 tonnes.  Key things you should know about big moves include:

  • Big moves usually travel from the port they arrive in, or from the factory where they are made. We escort them wherever they are needed, which is often a large infrastructure project location.
  • Big moves help build really big things so the moves we escort are sometimes the parts, or building blocks, of a larger project like wind farms, bridges and roads, or major mining or construction projects. They can also be full objects like power generators for industry, farm machinery and drilling rigs, cranes to do the heavy lifting work, portable homes, or even large-scale medical equipment.
  • These moves take up a lot of space on the roads and so everyone needs to be patient. It won’t take long for a big move to pass you and they stop wherever it is safe for you to pass.

Big things can’t be rushed.