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1Which modifications need to be inspected and certified?

Modifications will need to be inspected and certified at an AVCAIS if it changes:

  • The performance of the vehicle
  • The vehicle in a way that makes it no longer comply with Australian Vehicle Standards

You will find information on Australian Vehicle Standards-and when modifications are not required:

If you are unsure if your vehicle modifications need to be inspected and certified contact:

For light vehicles: The Vehicles Standards team on 03) 61663263 Email:

For heavy vehicles: The NHVR 1300 696 487 or E-mail:

2Where can my vehicle be inspected?

You will find AVCAIS locations here.

The vehicle type column on the far right will show you which vehicles the approved vehicle certifier(s) at this station can inspect.

3How do I book an inspection?

You will need to contact an AVCAIS directly to book an inspection.

You will find contact phone numbers in the AVCAIS locations page above.

4How do I dispute a decision made by an AVCAIS?

If you would like to dispute a decision has been made by an AIS, please refer to the dispute resolution policy.

5For further information contact…

AIS Compliance Unit (03) 6166 3265