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1When will my vehicle need to have an inspection at an AIS?

AIS inspections are needed:

  • For all vehicles that have never been registered previously in Tasmania:
    • Including vehicles previously registered interstate
  • To register vehicles with registration expired for more than three months
  • To clear defect notices
    • Stating “to be cleared by an AIS’
  • Regularly for public passenger vehicles (see below for more information)
    • Including hire and drive vehicles,  taxis, ride source vehicles, buses, LHC and RHVs etc
  • For registration type approval of vehicles
  • If your vehicle has been issued a call-in notice

2Where can my vehicle be inspected?

Inspection stations are qualified for different types of inspections.

Light vehicles:

For light vehicles: (that weigh under 4.5t Gross Vehicle Mass) you will find light vehicle AIS locations here (link to AIS locations).

Light vehicles can included:

  • trailers and caravans - you may need to provide the aggregate trailer mass at the inspection. If you do not have this, you can visit a weighbridge at these locations and obtain a docket to present at your inspection
  • motorcycles
  • any other light vehicles.

Heavy vehicles:

For heavy vehicles (that weigh over 4.5t Gross Vehicle Mass) You will find heavy vehicle AIS locations here.

Small passenger transport vehicles:

For small passenger transport vehicles (with less than 10 seats)and type approval vehicles,you will find small passenger transport AIS locations here.

Large passenger transport vehicles:

For large passenger transport vehicles (with more than 10 seats), you will find large passenger transport vehicles AIS locations here

Driving instructor vehicles:

For driving instructor vehicles you will find driving instructor AIS locations here.

3How do I book an inspection?

You'll need to contact an AIS directly to book an inspection. You'll find contact phone numbers in the relevant AIS locations page above.

4Can I drive or tow my vehicle to and from an inspection?

You will be able to drive or tow your vehicle or towed to the following places to be registered:

  • a place of registration
  • an Approved Inspection Station
  • a weighbridge
  • any other place involved in the registration process such as Service Tasmania.

The vehicle is being driven or towed from any of the previous places to:

  • another place listed in the registration process
  • a place to garage the vehicle
  • somewhere the vehicle can be repaired if the inspection is failed.

5What does the inspection cover and how can I prepare?

If you want to:

  • see what the inspection will cover, and
  • give yourself the best chance of passing an inspection.

Please refer to the Are you checking your vehicle regularly? guide or for trailers and caravans the Registering a trailer or caravan page.

6When do public passenger vehicles need to be inspected?

For public passenger vehicles and hire and drive vehicles with 10 seats or more (not including taxis):

  • for initial inspection if under 12 months old
  • every 12 months if more than 12 months old until 15 years of age
  • every 6 months if over 15 years old.

For public passenger vehicles with less than 10 seats (not including taxis or hire and drive vehicles):

  • for initial inspection if under 3 years old
  • every 12 months if more than 12 months old until 15 years of age
  • every 6 months if over 15 years old.

For hire and drive vehicles with less than 10 seats:

  • no public passenger vehicle inspection required for vehicles aged less than 3 years.
  • every 12 months when the vehicle is between 3 and 15 years of age.
  • every 6 months if over 15 years old.

For taxis:

  • initial inspection if under 12 months old
  • every six months if more than 12 months old
  • initial then every six months if the taxi previously had another purpose and/or if the taxi was second-hand when first used as a taxi.

7How do I dispute a decision made by an AIS?

If you would like to dispute a decision has been made by an AIS, please refer to the dispute resolution policy.

8For further information contact…

Service Tasmania on 1300 135 513 or international +61 3 6169 9017

The AIS team by email: