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1More information and frequently asked questions

The Mandatory Alcohol Interlock Program – Participants Guide has all information relevant to being on the program.

The guide provides information on the four steps to being on the MAIP, concessions and exemptions and other frequently asked questions regarding the program.

2Who does the MAIP apply to?

The program applies to you if you’re convicted of:

  • driving under the influence of liquor
  • recording a blood alcohol content of 0.15 or more while driving
  • two or more drink driving offences in five years
  • failing to give a breath/blood specimen for analysis.

3What does being a part of the MAIP mean?

If you’re on the MAIP, a breath testing device (interlock) will be connected to your vehicle’s ignition and an I-Condition will be placed on your licence. This will require you to:

  • only drive a vehicle that has been fitted with an approved interlock
  • provide a breath test each time you start your car
  • have a blood alcohol content of 0.00 to operate your car (you’ll have to do additional breath tests while your drive), and
  • have your interlock regularly serviced with your service provider.

4How much does it cost to be on the MAIP?

It will cost you approximately $3000-$3500 to participate in the program.

5How long will I be on the MAIP?

The minimum program duration is 15 months (made up of a learning period of nine months, and a demonstration period of six months).

To get off the program, you need to record 0 lockouts in the demonstration period (the last 180 days of being on the program), so that we know that you’ve been able to separate your drinking from your driving.

We’ll let you know when your I-Condition has been revoked (when you can drive without and interlock and get your interlock removed).

6Can someone else drive a car that has an interlock installed?

Yes, but the car won’t start if you record a blood alcohol content reading of 0.02 or more.

If the driver has an I condition on their licence they must have a blood alcohol content of 0.00.

7What if I’m moving to Tasmania and have an interstate I condition?

If you’re moving to Tasmania, you’ll need to start your learner and demonstration periods again (minimum of 15 months).  Please contact the Driver Licensing Unit at for further information.