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1What happens if I drive without a licence?

If you drive without a licence, you’ll be fined up to 20 penalty units for the first offence, or up to 40 penalty units for any subsequent offence.

2What happens if I don’t comply with my learner licence conditions?

If you fail to obey by the conditions of your licence, you can face a number of consequences. These include:

  • Being disqualified from driving for three months.
  • Driving without an appropriate supervisory driver – disqualified for three months and pay a fine.
  • Speeding above licence speed restrictions – you’ll accumulate demerit points and pay a fine.
  • Failing to display your L plates – you’ll accumulate demerit points and pay a fine.
  • Driving with alcohol in your body – you’ll go to court and they’ll impose a penalty. The minimum penalty will be losing your licence and paying a fine.

To learn about general licence offences, check out Demerit Points and Disqualifications.

3Provisional restart offences

As a P1 licence holder, if you commit any of the following offences you’ll have to restart your 12 month P1 period:

  • failing to wear a seatbelt
  • using a mobile phone, including in hands free mode, while driving
  • speeding by 10km/h or more
  • failing to display P plates
  • transporting more than one peer passenger without an exemption (car P1 drivers)
  • failing to ride a learner approved motorcycle
  • failing to wear an approved helmet (motorcycle rider).

4What is novice case management?

If you’re returning to driving after a period of disqualification, suspension or ineligibility, you’ll be assessed for novice case management.

Novice case management will support you to re-enter and stay in the driver licensing system. It will provide you with greater opportunities to prove that you’re safe to drive on the roads by assessing, analysing and monitoring your driving.

5What happens when you’re novice case managed?

You will be assigned a case manager who will work with you through the process to return to driving. It can include any of the following:

  • completion of educational courses or drug/alcohol counselling
  • medical reviews
  • periodic monitoring of your driving
  • putting conditions on your licence
  • extension of novice licence periods (Learner, P1 or P2)
  • peer or passenger restrictions
  • night time driving curfews
  • additional logbook hours before being able to sit for a P1 licence.

You can also check out the Decision Making Guidelines for Driver Returning from Periods of Disqualification or Suspension (PDF).