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1How do I book an assessment with a non-government assessor?

You need to book directly with a P1 Authorised Driving Assessor.

For more information on which locations are serviced by P1 Authorised Driving Assessors please see the P1 Assessment Locations map

P1 Authorised Driving Assessors provide a range of services. Make sure you discuss these details, as well as fees, with your assessor when you’re booking your assessment.

2What fees are charged by non-government assessors?

Non-government assessors can only charge the P1 assessment fee for a P1 Assessment.

However, non-government assessors may also charge additional fees for:

  • Hire of an assessment vehicle
  • A car familiarisation session
  • Assessing in your vehicle (or a driving school’s vehicle)
  • Other fees for services (such as fees for rural travel, administration or booking fees)

Be sure to confirm what fees you will be charged for a P1 assessment before booking with a non-government assessor.

3What services are provided by non-government assessors?

Services provided by non-government assessors vary.

Car familiarisation session 

Some non-government assessors require or offer to undertake a car familiarisation session prior to conducting the assessment. This session provides the opportunity for an assessor or a learner driver to become comfortable with the vehicle and assessment environment prior to commencing the assessment.

A fee may be charged for conducting this session.


Some non-government assessors offer to pick you up from a location of your preference. This means that you won’t necessarily have to organise the travel to an assessment location to take your P1 assessment.

A fee may be charged depending on where you request to be picked-up from.


Non-government assessors are authorised to undertake P1 assessments at various locations across Tasmania.

To check which non-government assessors can undertake assessments in certain locations please refer to the P1 assessment locations map.

Assessment times

Non-government assessors are authorised to provide P1 assessments on all 7 days of the week.

They also offer P1 assessments during broader hours which may suit more learners trying to find the time to take their P1 assessment.

It is best to confirm the fees and services provided with a non-government assessor before booking an assessment.

4Separation of instruction and assessment

To ensure that assessors operate with integrity, all non-government assessors can only assess learner drivers who they have not provided any training, supervision or instruction to in the six months prior to an assessment.*

If you have been provided training, supervision or instruction by a non-government assessor more than six months before your assessment date, you can still sit your P1 assessment with that non-government assessor.

*Exceptional circumstances apply where some non-government assessors are authorised to conduct P1 assessments where training, supervision or instruction has been provided.