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1How do I book an assessment with a non-government assessor?

You need to book directly with a P1 Authorised Driving Assessor.

For more information on which locations are serviced by P1 Authorised Driving Assessors please see the P1 Assessment Locations map

P1 Authorised Driving Assessors provide a range of services. Make sure you discuss these details, as well as fees, with your assessor when you’re booking your assessment.

2What are P1 Authorised Driving Assessors?

As part of the Enhanced P1 Assessment Pilot we are currently piloting the use of P1 Authorised Driving Assessors who you can take your P1 driving assessment with. They assess to the same standard and conditions as government assessors but may also provide you with a vehicle for your assessment as well as a car familiarisation session prior to your assessment.

For more information please see the Enhanced P1 Assessment Pilot.