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A condition(s) is shown on the back of the licence by a condition code. When driving anywhere in Australia, the conditions must be obeyed. If they are not obeyed, the holder is committing an offence and their driver licence may be suspended or cancelled.


Licence Type


Automatic vehicle only


Automatic cycle only


Automatic heavy vehicles only


Restricted to heavy vehicles with synchromesh


Learner approved motorcycle only


Drive vehicle with breath alcohol interlock device


Visual aids required


Mechanical / special aids required


No alcohol in body


Ride motorcycles/drive motor vehicles during daylight hours


Restricted to certain locations


Seat belt exemption


Restricted to certain vehicles


Restricted to certain days / hours



If the condition code is an "X", the holder is given a notice which they must have with them when driving. The notice sets out the condition(s).

1How do I remove the automatic condition from my licence?

You will need to:

  1. go to Service Tasmania
  2. make a driving assessment booking (if applicable)
  3. surrender your licence on passing the assessment
  4. complete an application for a licence print
  5. pay the required fee
  6. have your photo taken.

2In what circumstances can I remove the automatic condition on my licence?


An ‘automatic vehicle only’ condition can be removed from the licence at Service Tasmania, only if it has been on the licence previously for a minimum period of three (3) years (not including periods of licence suspension or disqualification).

If the ‘automatic vehicle only’ condition has not been on the licence for the minimum three (3) years, you will need to successfully undertake a driving assessment in a manual motor vehicle for it to be removed.

Heavy Vehicles and Motorcycles

If you want to remove an ‘automatic vehicle only’ condition from your licence, you will have to take the relevant assessment using a manual vehicle through an External Service Provider.

Condition Issued Due to Medical Reasons

If you want to remove an ‘automatic vehicle only’ licence condition that was applied to your licence for medical reasons, you will need to provide a medical report from a suitably qualified practitioner specifying why the condition no longer applies.

3How do I practice for my manual licence if I already have a full automatic licence?


To practice driving a manual vehicle, you should be accompanied by a licensed driver who holds a basic manual car licence (not provisional or restricted) and you must follow the learner licence conditions (maximum 90kph, display 'L' plates, zero blood alcohol whilst driving etc.).

Heavy Vehicle

To practice driving a manual heavy vehicle, you must be accompanied by a licensed driver who has held a manual heavy vehicle licence in the relevant class for at least twelve months (not a restricted licence), and adhere to the standard learner licence requirements (maximum 90kph, display 'L' plates, zero blood alcohol whilst driving etc.).