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1What is the returning rider’s refresher course?

The returning rider’s refresher course is designed to reinforce safe riding skills and behaviours to improve your skills and maximise your protection from road crashes. It includes:

  • A half day check ride, which is designed to reinforce safe riding skills and behaviours. This includes an off-road review of your braking, steering and low speed manoeuvring skills, as well as an on-road coaching ride on a pre-determined route.
  • On-road coaching, which is conducted on a pre-determined route designed to encounter a wide range of riding environments including multi-lane highways, narrow country roads, shopping centres, hills and bends.

You will undergo the refresher course with a group and your instructor will provide feedback on your riding skills.

2How much does the refresher course cost?

The refresher course costs $90.

This cost is heavily subsidised by MAIB for returning riders.

3How do I book the refresher course?

To book the refresher course you will need to contact AJL Training through their website.