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1How do I renew or replace my licence when away from Tasmania?

You’ll need to fill in and send us an Out of State drivers licence renewal or replacement application form, and provide us with:

  • A passport quality photo (that meets the photo requirements).
  • A copy of your current drivers licence, passport or other form of photo identification.
  • A fee for the renewal or duplicate (this can be done on the application form).

You can email the form to or post the form to:

Registration & Licensing Services
GPO Box 1002
Hobart TAS  7001

2How many times can I renew/replace my licence while outside of Tasmania?

You can only renew or replace your licence once using this method of renewal.

3What are the photo requirements for licence photos?

Your photo should be the same quality as those taken for passports. This includes:

  • Being a colour photo that is 45x35mm in size
  • Shows a front view of your head on a white background
  • Not having glasses on.

4How long can I renew for when I’m not in Tasmania?

The renewal length of your licence will change depending on where you are and if you’re a member of the defence force:

  • Interstate – 1 year renewal
  • Overseas – 1 or 2 year renewal
  • Defence force – 5 year renewal.

5How long will it take to receive my licence?

You should receive your licence within 21 days from the date the application is processed.  If you’re interstate or overseas, postal delivery times may vary.