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1Effective 5 July 2020

An additional weekday afternoon service departs Launceston at 2:45pm and arrives in Evandale at 3:29pm.

Cressy and Longford services travel through Perth via the new Midland Highway instead of Drummond Street.

Perth passengers can catch Tassielink services from the bus stops on Main Road, Perth just north of Phillip Street.

See the new Cressy, Longford, and Evandale to Launceston timetable.

2Effective 19 January 2020


There are a slight decrease in weekday services, off-set by a slight increase in Saturday services, and new Sunday services.

Travel time is reduced by up to 15 minutes as the route no longer travels via Evandale and travels through Perth via the new Midland Highway instead of Drummond Street.

Drummond Crescent passengers heading home to Perth will need to get off the bus at:

  • Perth central, Main Road (near the Fire Station)
  • Scone St (opposite Perth Memorial Reserve)


Evandale is now serviced via Perth on the Perth Mill Road. The route no longer travels via the Launceston Airport (Evandale Road)

There are a similar number of weekday and Saturday services, and new Sunday services.


There are now more services, particularly on Saturdays and Sundays.

Perth is serviced by multiple routes, including from St Helens and Hobart.

The route through Perth is more direct, as buses travel on Main Road. There are new bus stops near the intersection of Main Road and Phillip Street.

The majority of Cressy/Longford and Evandale/Perth services travel via the Kings Meadows corridor - which means that any passenger can get on and off the bus on this corridor. This change increases the number of services along this important urban corridor.

Services start and finish at the Launceston interchange instead of the Cornwall Square Transit Centre. The pickup stop is A1 on St John Street.

See a map of the Launceston interchange.