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Monday to Friday
Route 184 184 184 184
Don College (Eastern Side) - - sd3:34pm -
Devonport, Rooke St Stop A 8:44am 1:00pm s3:42pm 5:20pm
Latrobe, Mersey Community Hospital 8:56am 1:12pm s3:54pm 5:32pm
Latrobe, Gilbert St/Victor St 9:01am 1:17pm s3:59pm 5:37pm
Railton, Foster St/Esplanade 9:16am 1:32pm s4:14pm 5:52pm
Sheffield, Main St/High St 9:30am 1:46pm s4:28pm 6:06pm
Route 184 184 184
Devonport, Rooke St Stop A 8:20am 12:20pm 4:35pm
Latrobe, Mersey Community Hospital 8:32am 12:32pm 4:47pm
Latrobe, Gilbert St/Victor St 8:36am 12:36pm 4:51pm
Railton, Foster St/Esplanade 8:51am 12:51pm 5:06pm
Sheffield, Main St/High St 9:05am 1:05pm 5:20pm
Sunday/Public Holidays
Route 184 184 184
Devonport, Rooke St Stop A 9:20am 1:00pm 5:00pm
Latrobe, Mersey Community Hospital 9:32am 1:12pm 5:12pm
Latrobe, Gilbert St/Victor St 9:36am 1:16pm 5:16pm
Railton, Foster St/Esplanade 9:51am 1:31pm 5:31pm
Sheffield, Main St/High St 10:05am 1:45pm 5:45pm