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Changes took effect on 3 October 2021 and affect buses in north and north west Tasmania, as well as Intercity services between Devonport and Hobart.

To fine-tune earlier network updates in January 2020 and 2021:

  • There were some timetable adjustments to improve on-time-running and transfer wait time.
  • Intercity routes now leave the highway by booking only, to make services faster and more efficient.
  • Routes now service some new stops in Latrobe and South Burnie.

To learn more, see below or contact Manion's Coaches, MerseyLink or Redline.

Why timetables changed

Changes are based on community feedback and network performance. They fine-tune earlier network updates in north west Tasmania and the West Tamar region.

State Growth introduced a new general access bus network for north west Tasmania on 17 January 2021. It changed services in urban Devonport and Burnie, surrounding towns, and between Burnie, Devonport, Launceston, and Hobart.

State Growth has spent six months listening to public feedback and watching how the new network has settled in. The changes use what we have learned to further improve the general access network.

Thank you to everyone that gave feedback so that public transport can better connect Tasmania.

Intercity – Devonport to Hobart

There were changes to Intercity route 700/702/705 services between Devonport and Hobart, operated by Redline.


There were timing changes of up to 10 minutes between Devonport and Hobart.

On weekdays

  • Route 705 now leaves Devonport five minutes later at 4.05pm. This means
    • Passengers can catch North West Express route 708 from Burnie at 3.00pm and transfer in Devonport to Intercity route 705 at 4.05pm.
    • The wait time between these services is now 10 minutes instead of one hour.
  • Route 705 now leaves Launceston 10 minutes later at 5.55pm.
  • Route 702 now leaves Launceston ten minutes later at 6.10pm.

On weekends and public holidays

  • Route 705 now leaves Devonport 10 minutes earlier at 8.50am.
  • Route 705 now leaves Launceston five minutes earlier at 5.45pm.

See the new Intercity route 700/702/705 timetable.

Bookings essential for regional towns

Intercity services now stay on the highway unless there is a passenger to collect or drop off.

You need to book in advance if you are travelling to or from Latrobe, Perth, Epping Forest, Ross, Oatlands, Kempton and Brighton.

This is in addition to existing bookings only for Conara Junction, Tunbridge and Melton Mowbray.

This makes Intercity services faster and more efficient.

To make a booking you can visit or call Redline on 1300 360 000.


The route 705 between Devonport to Launceston now services Latrobe differently.

When booked, services stop at the Mersey Community Hospital instead of the Bass Highway. The hospital stop is safer, easier to access, and has seats and a shelter.

Afternoon services to and from Devonport do not divert into Latrobe, even on request, and you need to connect in Devonport instead, using route 178.

  • To travel to Launceston from Latrobe, catch route 178 at 3.09pm from Latrobe to Devonport then catch route 705 at 4.05pm from Devonport to Launceston.
  • To travel to Latrobe from Launceston, complete the route 705 in Devonport at 7.25pm then catch route 178 at 7.30pm from Devonport to Latrobe.

North West Express – Devonport to Burnie

There were changes to North West Express route 708 services between Devonport and Burnie, operated by MerseyLink.

It is now easier to connect between the North West Express (708) and Intercity (705) services.

Some services now leave Devonport at a different time:

  • Devonport to Launceston route 705 now leaves
    • five minutes later at 4.05pm on weekdays.
    • 10 minutes earlier at 8.50am on weekends.
  • Devonport to Burnie route 708 now leaves five minutes later at 7.35pm.

This reduces the weekday afternoon transfer time from one hour to 10 minutes.

To make timings between Penguin and Ulverstone more accurate, the timetable has changed by up to six minutes in this area. You may need to be at your stop at a different time.

There is a new express stop on the Bass Highway near Reeves Street, to better service South Burnie.

See the new North West Express route 708 timetable.

Devonport and surrounds

There were changes to Devonport services, operated by MerseyLink.

If you use these services, you might need to be at your stop at a different time.

  • West Devonport route 170
  • East Devonport route 175
  • Latrobe route 178
  • Ulverstone routes 180/182
  • Sheffield via Latrobe route 184
  • Don College/St Brendan Shaw school bus route 187
  • Reece High school bus route 188


There was a minor timing change to Smithton route 768 services, operated by Redline.

On Saturday afternoons the route 768 to Smithton now leaves Burnie and all following bus stops 10 minutes earlier.

Leaving Burnie at 4.20pm instead of 4.30pm avoids confusion with the Wynyard bus leaving Burnie at 4.28pm.

See the new Smithton route 768 timetable.

West Tamar

There were minor timing changes to West Tamar services, operated by Manion's Coaches.

The Legana route 780/782 timetable changed by several minutes to improve on-time-running.

See the new Legana route 780/782 timetable.

The Rowella route 784 timetable changed by several minutes to improve on-time-running.

See the new Rowella route 784 timetable.

The Beaconsfield/Beauty Point route 788 timetable changed by several minutes to improve on-time-running and travel times.

  • The service from Beauty Point at 7.10am now leaves five minutes earlier at 7.05am, and on school days it services limited stops between North Riverside and Launceston city.
  • Services from Beaconsfield at 2.06pm and 4.17pm now leave between two and three minutes later, at 2.08pm and 4.20pm.
  • The school day only service from Newstead at 3.00pm has had an extra five minutes added to the trip time.

See the new Beaconsfield/Beauty Point route 788 timetable.

Learn more

To find out more about the changes that might affect you contact your bus operator:

Manion's Coaches



If you need further assistance contact Passenger Transport:

  • Call 6166 3343 (9am to 5pm weekdays).