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Masks are currently mandatory for all indoor settings until further notice.

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Monday to Friday
Route 634 646 634 634 634 634 634 634 634 646 634 X44 X34 635 X34 646 634 634 634 634 634
Hobart Interchange, Elizabeth Street, Stop A3 7:26am - 8:57am 9:57am 10:57am 11:57am 12:57pm 1:57pm 2:57pm 3:30pm 4:01pm 4:30pm 4:36pm 5:01pm 5:27pm 5:30pm 6:00pm 6:38pm 7:25pm 9:25pm f11:25pm
Rosny Park Interchange, Stop A 7:37am 8:55am 9:07am 10:07am 11:07am 12:07pm 1:07pm 2:07pm 3:07pm 3:40pm 4:13pm - - 5:13pm - 5:40pm 6:10pm 6:48pm 7:35pm 9:35pm f11:35pm
Bellerive, Clarence St/Wentworth St 7:42am 9:01am 9:12am 10:12am 11:12am 12:12pm 1:12pm 2:12pm 3:13pm 3:46pm 4:19pm - - 5:19pm - 5:46pm 6:16pm 6:53pm 7:39pm 9:39pm f11:39pm
Shoreline Central 7:46am 9:05am 9:16am 10:16am 11:16am 12:16pm 1:16pm 2:16pm 3:18pm 3:51pm 4:24pm s4:47pm 4:53pm 5:24pm 5:44pm 5:51pm 6:21pm 6:57pm 7:43pm 9:43pm f11:43pm
Rokeby, South Arm/Horsham Rd 7:53am 9:12am 9:25am 10:25am 11:25am 12:25pm 1:25pm 2:25pm 3:30pm 3:58pm 4:34pm s4:53pm 5:01pm 5:34pm 5:52pm 5:58pm 6:30pm 7:06pm 7:51pm 9:51pm f11:51pm
Oakdowns, Oakdowns Rd 7:55am - 9:27am 10:27am 11:27am 12:27pm 1:27pm 2:27pm 3:32pm - 4:36pm - 5:03pm 5:36pm 5:54pm - 6:32pm 7:08pm 7:53pm 9:53pm f11:53pm
Lauderdale, Ringwood Rd 7:58am 9:16am 9:30am 10:30am 11:30am 12:30pm 1:30pm 2:30pm 3:35pm 4:02pm 4:39pm s4:57pm 5:08pm 5:39pm 5:59pm 6:02pm 6:35pm 7:11pm 7:56pm 9:56pm f11:56pm
Roches Beach, Roches Beach Rd 8:06am - 9:39am 10:39am 11:39am 12:39pm 1:39pm 2:39pm 3:45pm - 4:48pm - 5:17pm 5:48pm 6:07pm - 6:44pm 7:19pm 8:04pm 10:04pm f12:04am
Seven Mile Beach, Surf Rd - - - - - - - - - - - - - 5:59pm - - - - - - -
Route 646 634 635 634 635 646 634 635 634 646 635 634 635 634 634 634
Hobart Interchange, Elizabeth Street, Stop A3 7:55am 8:55am 9:55am 10:55am 11:55am - 12:55pm 1:55pm 2:55pm - 3:55pm 4:55pm 5:55pm - 9:25pm 11:25pm
Rosny Park Interchange, Stop A 8:05am 9:05am 10:05am 11:05am 12:05pm 12:40pm 1:05pm 2:05pm 3:05pm 3:20pm 4:05pm 5:05pm 6:05pm 7:43pm 9:35pm 11:35pm
Bellerive, Clarence St/Wentworth St 8:11am 9:10am 10:10am 11:10am 12:10pm 12:46pm 1:10pm 2:10pm 3:10pm 3:26pm 4:10pm 5:10pm 6:10pm 7:48pm 9:39pm 11:39pm
Shoreline Central 8:15am 9:14am 10:14am 11:14am 12:14pm 12:50pm 1:14pm 2:14pm 3:14pm 3:30pm 4:14pm 5:14pm 6:14pm 7:52pm 9:43pm 11:43pm
Rokeby, South Arm/Horsham Rd 8:22am 9:22am 10:22am 11:22am 12:22pm 12:57pm 1:22pm 2:22pm 3:22pm 3:37pm 4:22pm 5:22pm 6:22pm 7:59pm 9:51pm 11:51pm
Oakdowns, Oakdowns Rd - 9:24am 10:24am 11:24am 12:24pm - 1:24pm 2:24pm 3:24pm - 4:24pm 5:24pm 6:24pm 8:01pm 9:53pm 11:53pm
Lauderdale, Ringwood Rd 8:27am 9:29am 10:29am 11:29am 12:29pm 1:02pm 1:29pm 2:29pm 3:29pm 3:42pm 4:29pm 5:29pm 6:29pm 8:05pm 9:56pm 11:56pm
Roches Beach, Roches Beach Rd - 9:38am 10:38am 11:38am 12:38pm - 1:38pm 2:38pm 3:38pm - 4:38pm 5:38pm 6:38pm 8:13pm 10:04pm 12:04am
Seven Mile Beach, Surf Rd - - 10:49am - 12:49pm - - 2:49pm - - 4:49pm - 6:49pm - - -
Sunday/Public Holidays
Route 635 635 646 635 646 635 635
Rosny Park Interchange, Stop A 9:36am 11:36am 12:40pm 1:36pm 3:20pm 3:36pm 5:36pm
Bellerive, Clarence St/Wentworth St 9:41am 11:41am 12:46pm 1:41pm 3:26pm 3:41pm 5:41pm
Shoreline Central 9:45am 11:45am 12:50pm 1:45pm 3:30pm 3:45pm 5:45pm
Rokeby, South Arm/Horsham Rd 9:53am 11:53am 12:57pm 1:53pm 3:37pm 3:53pm 5:53pm
Oakdowns, Oakdowns Rd 9:55am 11:55am - 1:55pm - 3:55pm 5:55pm
Lauderdale, Ringwood Rd 10:00am 12:00pm 1:02pm 2:00pm 3:42pm 4:00pm 6:00pm
Roches Beach, Roches Beach Rd 10:09am 12:09pm - 2:09pm - 4:09pm 6:09pm
Seven Mile Beach, Surf Rd 10:20am 12:20pm - 2:20pm - 4:20pm 6:20pm