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1Luxury hire car licences

Luxury hire cars must operate under a luxury hire car licence purchased from the government or from another licence holder. They generally only provide pre-booked services and cannot stand for hire on a public street or be hailed.

To hold a licence, you will need to be accredited.

2Restricted hire vehicles

A vehicle used for a restricted hire vehicle service must operate under a licence and must be pre-booked and cannot stand for hire.

There are two kinds of restricted hire vehicle services:

  • specific restricted hire vehicle services which may be provided by  any type of vehicle, but which are limited to prescribed occasions and events and
  • general restricted hire vehicle service, which are pre-booked general hire services that may only be provided by prescribed types of vehicles
  • a unique, classic and more than 30 years old
  • a street rod
  • a veteran or vintage motor vehicle
  • a motorcycle or tricycle or
  • a four-wheel drive or all wheel drive motor vehicle that is used within a national park

To hold a licence you need to be accredited.

An application for a licence can be made on the following form

An application to transfer a licence can be made on this form