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Taxi, hire vehicles and ride sourcing

With the introduction of the new On-Demand Passenger Transport Services Industry (Miscellaneous Amendments) Act 2020 owners and operators of taxi and luxury hire car licences will no longer need to pay the annual fee for taxi and luxury hire car licences.

The requirement to no longer pay the annual administration fee is part of the changes being made to the accreditation, training and reporting requirements for the on-demand passenger transport sector including taxi and ride share services.

The changes will modernise the regulation of on-demand passenger transport services to include ride-sourcing apps and traditional taxi and hire vehicle services and create a level playing field across different operators.  As part of this a new accreditation fee will become payable.

The new accreditation fee will be payable by booking service providers, such as taxi networks and ride source platforms and taxi operators who are not affiliated with a taxi network.

More information about the accreditation fee will become available later in 2021.

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