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Ride-sourcing, sometimes referred to as ride-sharing, is an ongoing arrangement where:

  • you (a driver) make a car available for public hire for passengers
  • a passenger uses a third-party digital platform, such as a website or an app, to request a ride
  • you use the car to transport the passenger for payment (a fare).

If you intend to launch a ride-source platform in Tasmania, contact Industry Policy, Department of State Growth at Ride-source drivers wishing to check on the status of their application for an ancillary certificate should contact Registration and Licensing Services on (03) 6166 4866.

1How do I apply to be a ride-source driver?

To become a ride-sourcing driver you need to contact a platform provider before commencing the application process. The provider will let you know if you and your car are eligible to drive using their platform.

If you meet the platform provider’s requirements you will be required to obtain an Ancillary Certificate and comply with all conditions and requirements of the Transport Commission exemption.

2What is the Transport Commission exemption?

As part of the Ancillary Certificate application, all ride-sourcing drivers must agree to comply with the requirements of an exemption notice that has been issued by the Transport Commission.

The exemption allows drivers to operate lawfully without a taxi or hire vehicle licence or passenger transport accreditation.

Passenger Transport Services Act 2011 - Exemption Notice (PDF)

To comply you must:

  • register as a ride sourcing driver and be granted an Ancillary Certificate
  • be the registered operator of the ride-source vehicle (maximum of two registered operators per vehicle)
  • only operate using a cashless computerised booking and payment system and allows passenger ratings.
  • comply with the Registrar’s vehicle inspection requirements
  • provide any information to the Transport Commission and/or the Registrar on request to support any inquiry or investigation relating to your activity a ride sourcing driver.

3Are there any other requirements?

Ride-sourcing drivers must meet other requirements including:

  • obtaining a police check and ‘working with children’ registration
  • not having any alcohol in your system when driving customers
  • only accepting pre-booked jobs and not using taxi ranks to solicit passengers.
  • never accepting jobs from passengers ‘hailing’ in the street and not soliciting for trade such as calling out to people.