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Tasmania Police – you should contact Tasmania Police on 131 444 (or 000 in case of an emergency) straight away for any serious crimes such as an assault (including sexual), stealing, serious traffic offences such as dangerous and negligent driving.

Taxi company – for a range of complaints you can contact the phone number displayed in the taxi. These may include:

  • overcharging
  • using the incorrect, or a longer than necessary route
  • being refused hire from a taxi rank
  • an unroadworthy or unsafe vehicle
  • refusal to transport an assistance animal
  • being told you have to take the first taxi on the rank
  • being told you can’t travel in a wheelchair accessible taxi unless you have a disability.

Department of State Growth - if you believe the driver of the taxi is unlicensed, an operator does not hold accreditation or the vehicle is unsafe 1300 135 513.

1What if I’m not satisfied by the response I receive?

If you can’t resolve your complaint with the taxi provider, you can refer it to Service Tasmania. Provide information about the incident, including the date, time and place it happened and as much detail about the vehicle and driver as you can.

Rude staff, a service not turning up on time or an unhelpful driver are not covered by any laws. State Growth recommends you treat this in the same way as poor customer service in any other industry, for example you may choose to use a different taxi company next time.

For more information on how to make a complaint download the Taxi passengers - Making a complaint

2What can I do if I am not happy with the service provided by a ride sourcing driver

If you have a complaint which is of a serious or criminal nature you should contact Tasmania Police on 131 444 (or 000 in case of an emergency) immediately.

All other complaints should be lodged with the platform provider through their app.

If you are not happy with the response from the platform provider, you can send a complaint in writing to the Registrar of Motor Vehicles at You should include as much detail as possible, such as the time and place.

3I believe I have been discriminated against, what should I do?

If you believe you've been discriminated against you can make a complaint to the Office of the Anti-Discrimination Commissioner, phone 1300 305 062 (within Tasmania), (03) 6165 7515 (outside Tasmania),


Australian Human Rights Commission, phone 1300 656 419,

It is important to note that contacting the taxi company to lodge your complaint before approaching any other complaints body, can often result in issues being resolved without the need for an investigation.