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  • Standard taxis - sedans, station wagons or small people movers, which generally carry from four to 11 passengers depending on the vehicle
  • Wheelchair accessible taxis – also known as ‘maxi taxis’. These taxis allow wheelchair users to travel seated in their wheelchair. They can also carry large groups of people
  • Ride sourcing - sometimes referred to as ride-sharing. These are pre-booked trips via a phone app and payment system
  • Luxury hire cars - provide pre-booked transport in luxury cars or limousines
  • Restricted hire vehicles – provide pre-booked transport using sedans or small people movers for tours or occasions such as weddings.

1How do I catch a taxi in Tasmania?

You can catch a taxi:

  • from a taxi rank – you can choose any taxi on the taxi rank, you don’t have to take the one at the front
  • hailing or waving down a taxi passing in the street – be sure that there is a safe place for the taxi to stop to pick you up
  • phoning a taxi company or
  • phoning a taxi driver directly (for some taxis)
  • booking through a taxi company app.

2Can a taxi be multi-hired?

Multi-hiring of taxis is where two or more people travel in a taxi from a common starting point to different destinations. In Tasmania the taxi driver is not permitted to collect separate fares for a journey
which may have more than one destination. The full amount shown on the taximeter must be paid at the final destination.

When you hire a taxi, the driver must not allow anyone else to travel in the taxi without your permission.

3Can a taxi driver refuse to take me?

The taxi driver must take you unless:

  • there is a good reason to think that you won't pay the fare (including if you refuse to pay a deposit that the driver has asked for)
  • the driver reasonably believes you're a threat to their safety or the safe operation of the taxi
  • the taxi can't safely carry you or something you have with you.

4Can I tell the taxi driver which route to take?

The driver must take the route that you want to travel as long as it is legal and safe.

If you don't tell the driver which way to go, the driver must take the most direct route to your destination.

5Does a taxi driver have to take my Guide Dog?

The driver must carry your guide dog or other assistance animal that travels with you.

An assistance animal must meet the legal definition of an 'assistance animal'.

You do not have to pay any extra to travel with your guide dog or assistance animal.

6Can I hire a wheelchair accessible taxi if I don't use a wheelchair?

You can hire a wheelchair accessible taxi if is available for hire. You do not need to use a mobility aid.

7How do I use ride-sourcing services?

There are many ride-sourcing services that you can choose from.

Ride-sourcing platform providers Uber, Shebah, Oscar and Ola have commenced operations in Tasmania. You can visit the platform provider’s website to find out more:

If you choose to use a ride-sourcing service you will need to download the app to your mobile phone.

8Where can I catch my ride sourcing vehicle from?

To use a ride-sourcing vehicle you must pre-book it through the app on your phone. When you book your ride sourcing vehicle, the driver will collect you from the nominated place.

You cannot hail a ride sourcing vehicle in the street or be picked up at a taxi rank.