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1Are security cameras installed in taxis?

Taxis in Hobart, Launceston, Burnie, Devonport, West Tamar, Perth and Ulverstone must have a taxi security camera operating at all times.

Only people authorised by the Tasmanian Government can access recordings on taxi security cameras.

2How do I know if this is my ride?

All Tasmanian taxis are required to be clearly marked, display a taxi licence plate and have toplights which show if they are already hired.

Ride sourcing vehicles do not have any external markings. You should check the app for information on how to identify your vehicle when it arrives to pick you up. Don’t get into a different vehicle.

For your safety do not use a vehicle from which the driver is soliciting.

3What are my rights as a taxi customer?

As a taxi customer you must:

  • pay a deposit if the driver asks you
  • wear a seatbelt at all times
  • comply with the driver’s requests (within reason)
  • pay the fare shown on the meter at the end of the trip, or any lower fare agreed before the trip started.

Your taxi driver can ask you to get out of the taxi if you:

  • smoke, drink alcohol or carry open containers of alcohol
  • do anything that puts the taxi, the driver or another person in danger
  • threaten, harass, intimidate or disturb the driver or another person
  • do anything to stop the driver from doing their job
  • damage the taxi or anything in it
  • behave in an offensive or indecent way
  • speak in a way that is offensive
  • throw anything in or from the taxi.

It is an offence, and you may be arrested, if you leave the taxi without paying the fare. Penalties may include a fine or imprisonment.

4How do I retrieve items left behind in a taxi?

If you leave something in a taxi you should contact the taxi company or the operator of the taxi you were in. The contact number will be displayed in the taxi.

Taxi operators will take any unclaimed lost property to a police station within seven days.