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1What is the mobile notification service?

The mobile notification service has been implemented as a courtesy to remind you when your Registration & Licensing transaction is due.  If you have a mobile number recorded on your client file, we will remind you via an SMS for all vehicles registered in your name as well as your driver licence.

2Why would you send me an SMS?

Just as a reminder of a transaction being due.

Some examples of when we would send you an SMS:

  • if your vehicle registration is about to expire
  • if your driver licence has not yet been renewed
  • if you purchase a new vehicle, we may remind you of the requirement to transfer the registration
  • reminding you when you are booked in for a driving test
  • if a defect inspection is due.

3My registration is expired and I did not receive an SMS.

It is still your responsibility to ensure your registration, or your driver licence remains current.

There are valid reasons why we may not send an SMS. If your vehicle is stolen, wrecked, written off, suspended, cancelled or sold.

Please refer to the Conditions of Use.

4Can I stop the reminders for my vehicle?

Yes. Contact Service Tasmania on 1300 135 513. They will delete your mobile number from our records. You will not receive any reminders for any vehicles registered in your name until your mobile number is re-entered to your file. This will include your driver licence.

5Can I nominate more than one mobile phone number?

No. Your mobile number will be recorded on your client file. This means that any registration in your name will receive a SMS reminder message to your mobile number.

However, if your vehicle registration is recorded in two names, and you both have mobile phone numbers recorded, you will receive two SMS reminder messages for the same vehicle.

6Can I enroll multiple vehicles?

Yes, all vehicles registered in your name will receive a reminder message.

If your vehicle is registered in an organisation name, you will need to enroll your mobile number for that one too.  Remember, you will receive an SMS for every vehicle registered in that name.

7Can I receive a reminder for a vehicle belonging to another person?

Yes – but you will receive notifications for all their vehicles/driver licence.

8What types of vehicles can be enrolled for a registration reminder?

Any vehicle registered in Tasmania can be enrolled for an SMS including heavy vehicles, taxis and other commercial vehicles.

9Will I continue to receive my registration renewal notice through the mail?

Yes - the mobile reminders are an additional service.

11Why did I get an error message when I tried to validate my mobile number?

The validation code which is sent to your nominated mobile number is only valid for 30 minutes. If you attempt to use the code after this time, you will receive an error message.

12What happens if I change my mobile phone number?

You will need to update your mobile number by using the SMS portal. This will update your mobile phone number to your new phone number.

13Can I stop the reminders?

Yes, you will need to ring Service Tasmania on 1300 135 513.

14Will reminders stop if I sell my vehicle?

The reminder service will be automatically removed from that vehicle when a disposal notice is added or the vehicle is transferred.  You will still receive reminders for your driver licence, or when other vehicles are added to your record.

15I have just changed the plates on my vehicle. Will I still receive my SMS reminder message?

Yes, if the registration is in your name, and your mobile number is recorded on your client file.

16I have purchased a new vehicle and it is now registered in my name - will I still receive an SMS reminder message?

Yes, if the registration is in your name, and your mobile number is recorded on your client file.

17I have sold my vehicle, will SMS’s for this vehicle stop?

Yes, if you have put in a disposal notice letting us know who the new operator is, we will no longer send you reminders for this vehicle. If the new owner has a mobile number recorded, we will start sending messages to the new owner.