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1When can I use the permit?

  • To move your unregistered vehicle:
    • from one place to another
    • an approved event
    • to be repaired.
  • Buying a Tasmanian unregistered vehicle to transport interstate:
    • please check the permit will be valid in the other state
    • unregistered vehicle permits are to be issued from the place of journey commencement.
  • At some approved events, for example;
    • the MRA Toy Run
    • Targa Tasmania
    • other events may be approved on application.

2What if I am towing an unregistered vehicle?

You will still need to apply for a permit to tow an unregistered vehicle unless it is being towed by a tow truck.

3What are the common reasons for rejection of a permit?

Permits will not be issued if the vehicle:

  • has suspended registration
  • is written off
  • is modified without approved documents
  • is proposed to be used in an event that is not approved
  • is going for general repairs not needed for registration
  • is used for commercial purposes.

4What are the conditions of the permit?

  • Permits will only be issued for the smallest number of days needed for the journey or event;
    • within a 28 day period.
  • The journey must take the most direct route to each place.
  • A motor vehicle or trailer cannot:
    • Be used for hire or reward
    • Carry a load (with the exception of a trailer designed to carry a specific load e.g. boat trailer can carry a boat, horse trailer can carry a horse, car trailer can carry a car for relocation).
  • A motor vehicle can:
    • Tow a registered trailer which is or isn’t carrying a load, if the permit is issued for the purpose of relocation.
  • Other conditions may be applied.

5How do I apply for a permit?

In Tasmania

  1. Complete an application for Short Term Unregistered Vehicle Permit (MR23).
  2. Submit the form at Service Tasmania.
  3. Pay the fee.

Outside of Tasmania

  1. Complete an application for Short Term Unregistered Vehicle Permit (MR23).
  2. Submit to with your credit card details.

6What will I receive?

If your application is approved you will get a:

  • Short Term Unregistered Vehicle Permit
  • Journey details certificate.

7What if my plans change?

If you need to change the details on your permit or cancel it:

  • Visit Service Tasmania
    • with your permit.

This can be done any time before the permits start date.

After this date cancellation will not be refunded.