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1Who can make quarterly payments?

For registrations that are due for payment from 1 July 2021, light vehicle operators will be able to make quarterly payments. This does not include trailer registration which can continue to be paid six or 12 monthly.

There is no change for heavy vehicle registered operators who will continue to be able to make quarterly payments.

2What payment options are available?

All Payment channels are available including over the counter at Service Tasmania and Australia Post, BPAY, on the internet and over the phone.

The amount due for your vehicle may be found by checking your vehicle registration, or by contacting Service Tasmania.

3How do I find my payment details and pay my registration?

The payment number and amount due may be found by checking your vehicle registration.

To pay by BPAY the biller code is 227165. Please use your bank internet or phone banking to complete the payment. Note your payment number is your reference number.

Payments on the internet are available at using your payment number.

You may pay be phone by calling 1300 366 775.

Payment numbers for three month registrations are available for vehicles where the registration expires from 1 July 2021.

You are unable to use the six or 12 monthly payment numbers to pay quarterly.

4Why can’t I see my payment number to pay quarterly?

Registrations that expired prior to 1 July do not have the option to pay quarterly for this bill, but will at the next renewal period. Quarterly payments are not available for light trailers.

5Why is the quarterly payment more than a quarter of the annual payment?

The amount payable is calculated based on the number of days of the registration, in addition there is a small periodic administration fee applied to each three or six month renewal.

6I have direct debit set up, can I change my payments to quarterly?

Yes. You may change your payments to quarterly by filling in the direct debit form.

7My renewal is due before 1 July, why can’t I pay my bill quarterly?

The legislation supporting quarterly payments for light vehicles is effective from 1 July.

If your renewal is due before 1 July, you can pay for six or 12 months only, you will be able to pay quarterly on your next renewal.

8Can I be reminded to pay my bill?

If you’re concerned about forgetting to pay your vehicle registration you can sign up for an SMS reminder on the day its due by providing your mobile number to Service Tasmania on 1300 135 513.

In addition, you may also sign up for secure electronic delivery with BPAY View of your renewal notice to your internet banking. Most financial institutions provide a reminder service when the bill is delivered and also prior to expiry. Details of how to enrol are on your registration renewal notice.

9Can I receive my renewals online or via email?

We are unable to send renewal notices via email; however, if receiving renewals is more convenient for you we have an online option using BPAY View.

You will receive renewal notices directly to your online banking service using the BPAY View.

To use this service you will need an online banking account and sign up using the following steps:

  • log into your online banking account
  • look for the BPAY View® or View Bills section
  • register to receive your Registration renewal notice by entering:
  • the Biller Code: 227165
  • your BPAY View® registration number: as shown in the BPAY box on the front of your renewal
  • the licence number of the nominated operator or company name
  • the period of registration you want to pay for, six or 12 months. (This period can be changed when making the payment.).

Please note:

  • once you have signed up for BPay View you will no longer receive any paper renewal notices via post
  • if your vehicle is registered in joint names, only the nominated operator can sign up to receive the renewal notice using this service.