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1What if my vehicle’s registration has expired?

If your vehicle’s registration has expired for less than three months you can still renew the vehicle following the regular renewal process.

Please note: If you pay registration for a vehicle expired for less than three months the renewed registration period will start from the date of expiry.  

If your vehicle’s registration has expired for three months or more you are unable to go through a regular renewal process.

In this situation you will need to re-establish your registration by following these steps.

  1. Have your vehicle inspected at an Approved Inspection Station (AIS).
  2. If the inspection is passed, take the following to Service Tasmania to have the vehicle registered:

2How do I pay my registration?

  1. Decide on a period of renewal and identify the payment number and amount specific to this renewal period.
  2. For registrations that are due for payment from 1 July 2021, these are three, six or 12 months for both light and heavy vehicles (with a gross vehicle mass of 4.5t or more). It does not include light trailer registration which continues to be payable six or 12 monthly.

    The payment number is found on the renewal notice sent to your mailing address or through the online Tas Rego check service.

    Quarterly payment numbers for light vehicles can be found through the online Tas Rego check service.

    Please refer to the Quarterly vehicle registration page for further information.

    Please note: if you choose to pay for three or six months there may be an administration fee and a surcharge on the split MAIB premium applicable on each payment.

  3. Pay your renewal - there are a number of payment options for renewing your registration:
  4. Please note: refer Quarterly vehicle registration page for information on how to pay your bill quarterly.

  • using the online renewal service. You will need:
    • a Visa or MasterCard
    • your payment number.
  • in person at Service Tasmania. You will need:
  • through BPAY
    • using the biller code 227165
    • you will need your payment number.
  • by Direct debit
  • over the phone by calling 1300 366 775 and following the prompts. You will need:
    • the payment number
    • Visa or MasterCard for payment.
  • at Australia Post - this can be done at any store Australia wide. You will need:
    • your renewal notice
    • cash, money order, or credit/debit card (Visa or MasterCard) for payment.

3What if I have not received a renewal notice?

If you cannot access a renewal notice for any reason, you can still confirm your vehicle’s registration status and pay your renewal.

The online Tas Rego Check service will show your vehicle’s registration status and expiry date. If a renewal has been sent out for the vehicle it will also show a green button that will link you to the payment numbers and options.

You will find service at Tas Rego Check.

4Can I receive my renewals online or via email?

We are unable to send renewal notices via email; however, if receiving renewals is more convenient for you we have an online option using BPAY View.

You will receive renewal notices directly to your online banking service using the BPAY View.

To use this service you will need an online banking account and sign up using the following steps:

  1. log into your online banking account
  2. look for the BPAY View® or View Bills section
  3. register to receive your Registration renewal notice by entering:
    • the Biller Code: 227165
    • your BPAY View® registration number: as shown in the BPAY box on the front of your renewal
    • the licence number of the nominated operator or company name
    • the period of registration you want to pay for, six or 12 months. (This period can be changed when making the payment.).

    Please note:

    • once you have signed up for BPay View you will no longer receive any paper renewal notices via post
    • if your vehicle is registered in joint names, only the nominated operator can sign up to receive the renewal notice using this service.

5Will I get a receipt for my renewal payment?

We do not provide receipts once registration has been paid.

If you need to check your registration renewal has been processed, you can use the online Tas Rego Check service.