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1Who can request information and what do they need to supply?

Information can only be requested by:

  • a person with written permission from the customer
  • a customer who is actually involved in a motor vehicle accident (witnesses cannot apply)
    • who needs to identify another party to the accident and is able to
    • supply a copy of the Police Accident Report, or
    • proof that a claim for the accident has been lodged with an insurance company (letter from the insurance company).
  • lawyers
    • must provide a signed authority from their customer
    • the information can only be used to work with their client on legal cases
    • requests must be made on the firm’s letterhead.
  • law enforcement agencies or other government agencies who have authority to request and receive information
  • other registration and licensing authorities
  • other government agencies
    • Tasmanian or interstate local governments
      • for parking offences only.

2How do I request information?

3How do I make a Right to Information application?

If you haven't been able to obtain the information you are after, find out how to make a Right to Information application.

4Implied consent

Consent for the release of information can be implied by us if we have informed the customer of:

  • the purpose for which the information is being collected
  • the basis on which collection of the information is authorised or required
  • the types of organisations to whom the information may be disclosed.

5Employer requests for ongoing information

If you manage employees that drive heavy vehicles or are employed to drive heavy vehicles you can request the status of your/your employees licence up to four times a year.

  • Employers must submit a “Release of Information Employer Employee Application (MR174)” at Service Tasmania.
  • Employers must submit each application for information on this form, and a copy of the employees driver licence.
  • Employers will be advised if an employee’s licence is suspended, cancelled or has expired.

6How can I request information on my own details?

You can request information regarding your own licence or registration:

7How can I check to see if a vehicle has money owing on it?

This service is run by the Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR).

Please visit their website for more information:

9What will I receive?

  • A receipt
    • If payment is needed
  • A search certificate
    • If applicable
  • The requested information
    • If available