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Until the changes are implemented, L1 licence holders can continue to apply online for an L2 licence once they have held the L1 for a minimum of three consecutive months.

If you hold an L1 licence when the changes are introduced in December 2020, the following will apply:

  • compulsory 80 logbook hours, including 15 at night;
  • passing a Hazard Perception Test;
  • a total ban on mobile phone use- including hands-free and speaker mode during the learner and P1 stages;
  • no towing during the learner stage;
  • new maximum speed limits of 90km/h for learners and 100km/h for P1 licence holders. There is no change to speed limits for P2 drivers who can still drive up to the posted limit;
  • restricting P1 drivers under 25 years from carrying more than one peer passenger (first 12 months of the provisional period). This will only apply to passengers between the age of 16 and 21 years and exemptions will apply for employment, essential activities and for special family circumstances;
  • requirement to display green P plates in the P2 stage;
  • you must continue to have zero blood/breath alcohol content (BAC) in both the learner and provisional stages;
  • you may be eligible for the Safer Driver Reward if you have progressed through the provisional period (P1 and P2) without an offence.

L1 licence holders should be recording any supervised driving hours they complete. As the learner period will be combined, hours will be accepted if recorded in either the L1 logbook or L2 logbook.

L1 licence holders will be able to sit their P1 assessment after holding the licence for 12 continuous months. To calculate when this will be for you add nine months to the date shown as the “earliest L2 test date” on your L1 licence card.