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What will happen now?

In the event that a dispute develops between the VE and the person presenting a vehicle for inspection involving non-compliant defects, which cannot be resolved, the Proprietor and or VE is to advise the AIS Compliance Unit immediately on 6166 3271.

Depending on circumstances, it may be possible to resolve the matter in the first instance by providing evidence such as digital photographs etc. If the matter cannot be resolved, the following procedures will apply:-

1. The vehicle will be inspected by either the AIS Team Leader Compliance or a Transport Inspector at a time and location to suit all parties.

2. The vehicle inspection may involve the presence of either, the complainant, the VE, or both. This will depend on the circumstances at the time.

3. A decision will be made by the representative from the Department of State Growth at the time of their inspection. All parties involved will be advised on the result of the dispute.


Any questions regarding this policy can be directed to team leader AIS Compliance on 6166 3271.