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Registration and Licensing Fees

Current Registration Licensing fees as at 1st July 2019

Registration Issuing & Renewal Fees

Fees for types of Registration

Buying and Selling

Registration Plates, Certificates & Labels

Registration fees in detail


Tasmanian Driver Licence Fees

Ancillary Licence Fees

Assessments (Driving Tests)

For information on the cost of Heavy Vehicle and Motorcycle assessments contact an External provider
* A Novice Driver is anyone who has never before held a full car licence anywhere in the world

Returning Drivers

Publications - Costs

(Tasmanian Road Rules, Novice Drivers Training Kit, (Contains L1 & L2 logbook, A guide to your driving assessments and Supervisory Drivers Handbook), Motorcycle Riders' Handbook, Heavy Vehicle Handbook, Tasmanian Older Drivers' Handbook)

Public Passenger Vehicle Accreditation Fees

Public Passenger Vehicle Accreditation Fees

Payment Options and Miscellaneous

  1. Payment options
  2. Registration & Licence Search
  3. Photo Fee
  4. Change of address label or new licence

Exemptions & Rebates (Concessions & discounts available)

Visit Personal Property Securities Registrar for details about Vehicle security interests