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Other Driver Licence Fees






Learner Licence - Non Novice



Licence Upgrade (Extension)



Renewed in conjunction with extension (per year)



Duplicate Licence



Out of State


If you are interstate

One year



If you are overseas
Postage and handling costs will apply

Two years
(You can also apply for a one year licence see cost above)




Overseas additional postage and handling costs

New Zealand
Canada & USA
South America



If a member of the Armed Forces

Can be renewed for up to 5 years, see Renewal Fees. If overseas postage and handling costs will apply


If overseas additional postage and handling must be paid' see above




Photo Fee



Processing Fee (additional charge for the re-issue
of a driver licence that has been cancelled)



Alcohol Interlock Program

Application Fee




Application to revoke "I" condition




Application to identify and differentiates
multiple users

Exemption Application






Licence Search (Licence details letter)



Change of Name (new licence produced)



Change of Address (label printed)

Free of Charge


* A Novice Driver is anyone who was never before held a full car licence anywhere in the world.

NOTE: Where a licence is not returned for a change of name or where a new licence is produced
for a change of address the Duplicate Licence Fee must be charged.


Licence Assessment Fee (Car or Bike)


L2 Licence Assessment Fee (Novice Driver)*

(If assessment being undertaken with an Authorised Driving Instructor additional fees may be charged eg tuition, hire of vehicle etc.)


P1 Licence Assessment Fee (Novice Driver)*


Licence Assessment (Instructor)


Licence Assessment Fee in any other case
(By Tasmanian Government Driving Assessor)


Ancillary Certificates

Ancillary Certificate to drive Public Passenger Vehicle


Duplicate Ancillary Certificate to drive Public Passenger Vehicle


Ancillary Certificate - Driving Instructors Licence


Ancillary Certificate - Duplicate Driving Instructors Licence



Tasmanian Road Rules

Free of Charge

Novice Drivers Training Kit (L1 and L2 logbook, A guide to your
Driving Assessments and Supervisory Drivers Handbook)


Heavy Vehicle Handbook


Tasmanian Older Drivers' Handbook


National Driver Work Diary