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Complete a literacy test and training course. These courses are provided by

  • 13CABS Driver Academy -  6272 9292
  • Combined Training - 0413 791 050

Payment for literacy tests and taxi courses is made directly to the Service Provider.

You will be issued with a certificate of competency which must be submitted with your application.

PPV – Other and Ride-sourcing

You will be required to demonstrate that you understand the Tasmanian Roads Rules and the legislative requirements of operating a Public Passenger vehicle by either:


  • If applying for ride-sourcing only, you have read and understood the requirements.  You will be required to declare this as part of your application for ride-sourcing.

Driving Instructors

For more information on the requirements associated with obtaining an Ancillary Certificate in Driving Instruction see Driving Instructors

Driver Knowledge Test

Resources you should read and make yourself aware of include