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Renewing your Licence

Renewing Your Car & Motorcycle Learner Licence

Before you can renew any learner licence you must pass the driver knowledge test.

Renewing L1 & L2 Car Licences

The L1 or L2 licence must be renewed within 28 days of the expiry or the minimum L1 & L2 period will be reset from the date of renewal;

  • L1 - 3 continuous months before you can undertake the L2 practical driving assessment
  • L2 - 9 continuous months before you can undertake the P1 practical driving assessment.

When your L1 or L2 licence is renewed the expiry date will be 3 years from date of payment if renewed on or after expiry. If renewed prior to expiry, the expiry date is increased by 3 years.

Renewing Motorcycle Learner Licences

If your motorcycle learner licence has expired less than 28 days you are able to renew this upon providing evidence that you have booked and paid for the next stage of the motorcycle training program and pass the road rules knowledge test.

Once your learner licence is issued to be eligible to progress to a P1 motorcycle licence you have completed the check ride and pre-provisional test.

If your learner licence has expired greater than 28 days you will need to:

  • Pass the motorcycle road rules knowledge test (at any Service Tasmania shop).
  • Complete day 2 of the new pre-learner motorcycle course.
  • Take the certificate of competency to Service Tasmania and pay to have the motorcycle licence renewed.
  • Undertake the Check Ride during the six (6) month continuous period.
  • Hold the learner licence for the six (6) continuous months before you can sit the pre-provisional motorcycle test to be eligible to apply for a P1 motorcycle licence.

For information on the motorcycle training program please refer to New Motorcycle Licensing Training and Assessment Program.

When your motorcycle learner licence is renewed the expiry date will be 1 year from date of payment if renewed on or after expiry. If renewed prior to expiry, the expiry date is increased by 1 year.

Full Expired Licences

If you renew within 6 months the renewal is from the date of expiry. If your licence has been expired for more than 6 months, the renewal will be issued effective from the date of renewal and not the date the licence expired.

For licences which have been expired for over 5 years you must apply for a new licence, which means obtaining a learner licence and undergoing a practical driving assessment.

Renew your licence when out of the state

If you are temporarily out of the State you can renew your licence with a Out of State Driver Licence Renewal or Replacement Application. You can only renew your licence once by using this process.

How long can I renew my driver licence using this process:

  • one year if you are interstate
  • two years if you are overseas
  • up to five years if you are a member of the armed forces regardless of whether interstate or overseas.

It is advisable that you renew your licence one month prior to travelling to avoid delays which may result in you becoming unlicensed.  

Ancillary Certificates

These are renewed separately from a licence. You will receive a separate renewal notice prior to the expiry of the Ancillary licence. For more information see:

You will need to provide

You need to provide the following information and attend a Service Tasmania shop or designated police stations, IN PERSON:

  • completed the renewal notice
  • for a learner - pass the driver knowledge test
  • for a motorcycle learner show proof of your pre-provisional course payment and booking or your certificate of competence for the pre-learner training course (valid 3 months)
  • have your photograph taken and provide your signature
  • provide a current Tasmanian licence (can be expired up to 2 years) or Full Evidence of Identity
  • provide a medical certificate if necessary, please see Assessing Fitness to Drive for more information.
  • complete an application for pensioner concession if applicable.

You will receive

  • a receipted temporary licence, which is valid for 21 days
  • a photo licence through the mail, which you should receive within 21 days from the date of renewal
  • a receipt for the fees paid.


You need to pay either the licence fee.