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1What if I want to request a change to a school bus route or timetable?

A member of the public can submit a request to vary an existing school bus route, or request a new school bus service.

State Growth complies with the Service Eligibility Guidelines when assessing whether requests to add new school bus services or vary existing services can be approved.

The guidelines were approved by the Minister for Infrastructure for use by the Bus Services Review project. As the project’s planned implementation date for new contracts has been delayed until 2020, any requests for new services or service variations will be considered as part of the broader service design and consultation process being undertaken by the project.

The guidelines will be reviewed once the Bus Services Review is complete to ensure that they meet ongoing operational requirements.

If you would like to submit an application please contact Passenger Transport via email at or by calling 03 6166 3343.

2What if I want to request a change to a bus stop location?

State Growth has entered into contracts with bus operators to provide school bus services across Tasmania. These contracts contain the approved routes and timetables that bus operators must follow.

As part of the approved route and timetable, bus operators must stop and pick up any passengers at the formal bus stops set out in their contract. Any changes to these formal bus stops must be made through a request to change a school bus route or timetable, and will be assessed against the Service Eligibility Guidelines.

Bus operators may also choose to stop at informal pickup and drop-off points which are not in their contract. These are at a bus operator’s discretion, but it must be safe for the bus driver to stop.

There are some other restrictions to bus operator’s using informal pickup and drop-off points. A bus operator cannot make informal stops within towns, before their approved route starts, or after their approved route is finished. Any pickup and drop-off point also needs to be more than 200 metres from another bus stop. For enquiries relating to informal stops, please contact your bus operator directly.

3What if I want to complain about a bus service?

If the complaint involves a crime or serious offence, please contact Tasmania Police by calling triple zero (000).

If you have feedback or wish to make a complaint about a bus or the way services are provided, please contact the relevant bus operator. It is important to record the details (i.e. time, location, bus number etc.) and nature of your complaint and provide this information to the bus operator so they may address your complaint in the best way possible.

In the instance that you are not satisfied with an operator’s response, you can outline your complaint to Passenger Transport Contracts via email at or by calling 03 6166 3343.

Please provide your name and contact details to enable follow up or investigation of complaints. You can choose to remain anonymous, however, anonymous complaints may not be investigated, but may be recorded and referred to the appropriate area for information purposes and noting only.

4Passenger conduct code for school bus services

The Passenger Conduct Code for School Bus Services (the Code) sets out the expected standards of behaviour for students when using a bus. Students and Parents/Carers are responsible for the safe arrival at, and departure from, bus stops, and while boarding and disembarking the bus.

The code also provides guidance and processes for Bus Operators and drivers to follow when a student breaches the Code. This ensures that all students, and breaches of the Code, are treated in a fair and consistent manner.

If parents/carers want information about the application of the Code to a behavioural incident they should contact their bus operator directly.

If a parent/carer has attempted to resolve the issue directly with the bus operator and is still unsatisfied, they may contact Passenger Transport Contracts via email at or by calling 03 6166 3343.