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Buying, Selling, Renewing and Cancelling

Information on buying, selling, renewing and cancelling your vehicle registration in Tasmania.

Buying a Vehicle (Transferring)

When you buy a vehicle you have to transfer it into your name. Once the vehicle is in your name you become the registered operator.

Selling a Vehicle (Disposal)

When a registered operator disposes of the responsibility for a vehicle, they are no longer responsible for the use of the vehicle on public streets and no longer recorded on the Motor Registry System as the registered operator.

Cancellation of Registration

Cancellation of registration can be required for a variety of reasons including theft, the vehicle being wrecked or thevehicle being taken interstate or overseas.

Guidelines for Transfer of Vehicle Registration

Guidelines for Transfer of Vehicle Registration and Notice of Disposal

Compulsory recall of Takata Airbags

All vehicle owners should check the Takata airbag recalls list to see if their vehicle or a vehicle they are purchasing is affected.  To undertake a Takata airbag recall check obtain the vehicles vin/chassis number.

Unregistered Vehicles

A vehicle is classified as unregistered from midnight of the expiry date shown on the registration certificate.

Vehicle Security Interests

The Department of State Growth no longer manages motor vehicle securities, and information will be migrated to the national Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR).

Renew Vehicle Registration (within 3 months of expiry)

The registration of any motor vehicle or trailer expires at midnight on the date of expiry or the registration end date.

Re-establish Registration (after 3 months of expiry)

You will need to re-establish registration for vehicles, motorcycles or trailers that have had registration expired for 3 months or more.

Ex-interstate Vehicles

All vehicles transferring from the mainland, except those exempt from inspection, require inspection before they can be registered in Tasmania

Auction Requirements

Requirements for the Registration of Vehicles Sold at Auction.

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