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1When can restricted registration be issued?

Restricted registration may be given to vehicles used for:

  • agriculture/Industry
    • and need limited access on public streets to move between properties
  • recreation
    • on public land
  • towing a boat trailer
    • to and from the nearest boat ramp
  • golf buggies
    • that are used to cross public roads
  • oversnow vehicles
    • used in National Parks.

Please note

You will need to go through an application process to be granted restricted registration.  If your vehicle use fits one of the above examples you are not guaranteed to be approved.

2What are the benefits of restricted registration?

If your application is successful you will:

  • not have to pay any motor tax
  • pay a reduced MAIB premium.

3What do I receive?

If your application is successful you will be given a:

  • certificate of registration
  • certificate of approved operations
  • number plate with red text on a yellow background starting with “R”.

4How do I apply for restricted registration?

  1. Complete an application for Restricted Registration (MR127).
  2. Submit at Service Tasmania along with:
    • a detailed map of the area showing the route where the vehicle will be used
    • your Tasmanian licence or other evidence of identity
    • your existing number plates (if applicable)
    • the approval in principle if already issued by Vehicle Management.
  3. Pay the registration fees.