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1Which vehicles can be registered under special interest?

Special interest is separated into three classes: A, B and C

To be registered under class A your vehicle must be:

  • made at least 30 years from the date you apply
    • or be a street rod vehicle.
  • in exceptional condition inside and out either in original, restored or modified condition.

To be registered under class B your vehicle must be:

  • adapted and suitable for rally competitions; and
  • you must hold relevant rally competition licence (CAMS or AASA).

To be registered under class C your vehicle must be:

  • adapted for charity events
    • including TasBash, Variety and other recognised events.

Please note

Campervans cannot be registered under the special interest scheme.

2How often can I use a vehicle on special interest registration?

How often can I use a vehicle on special interest registration?

You can use a Special Interest Registered vehicle for:

  • 104 days if renewed for a 12-month period, or
  • In the event the registration is renewed for 3- or 6-months, 104 days of use in total over a 12-month period.

You must record all vehicle use within the logbook you were provided, and carry the logbook in the vehicle at all times.

3Are there any other conditions?

You must also:

  • continue to have another fully registered vehicle in your name
  • not use the vehicle to carry a load
  • not use the vehicle for hire or reward
  • maintain the competition license requrements of the particular class.

4What are the benefits?

Special interest vehicles pay lower registration by having:

  • an exemption from motor tax
  • a lower MAIB insurance rate.

5How do I apply?

  1. Read the Registration Scheme for Special Interest Vehicles Handbook and complete the Application (MR161).
  2. 1 b.  If applying for class B or class C Special Interest Registration submit the application form and necessary supplementary information to Registration and Licensing Services.  If compliant with Class B or C conditions an Approval In Principle will be issued.

  3. Take your vehicle to be inspected at an Approved Inspection Station.
  4. If successful, submit your application at Service Tasmania with:
    1. your inspection report
    2. an approval in principle (for category B, C only) issued by Registration and Licensing Services
    3. your previous registration plates (if applicable)
    4. your Tasmanian licence or evidence of identity
    5. proof of entitlement.

6What will I receive?

If your application is approved, you will receive:

  • black and white “SI” registration plates
  • a certificate of registration
  • a certificate of approved operations (listing the conditions of use)
  • a special interest logbook.

7What if I sell the vehicle?

You are unable to transfer special Interest registration to a new owner.

If you are selling your vehicle you must:

  • cancel your registration
  • return your “SI” plates
  • return your logbook.

The new owner will need to make a new application if they wish the vehicle to stay on the scheme.

More information on all aspects of the scheme can be found within the special interest handbook.