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We are unable to send renewal notices via email; however, if receiving renewals is more convenient for you we have an online option using BPAY View.

You will receive renewal notices directly to your online banking service using the BPAY View.

To use this service you will need an online banking account and sign up using the following steps:

  • log into your online banking account
  • look for the BPAY View® or View Bills section
  • register to receive your Registration renewal notice by entering:
  • the Biller Code: 227165
  • your BPAY View® registration number: as shown in the BPAY box on the front of your renewal
  • the licence number of the nominated operator or company name
  • the period of registration you want to pay for, six or 12 months. (This period can be changed when making the payment.).

Please note:

  • once you have signed up for BPay View you will no longer receive any paper renewal notices via post
  • if your vehicle is registered in joint names, only the nominated operator can sign up to receive the renewal notice using this service.