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This page contains information about call-in notices.

1What should I do if I observe a vehicle that may not be roadworthy or safe?

If you witness, or become aware of a vehicle you believe is unroadworthy or not safe to be driven on the road,

You can notify the Registrar of Motor Vehicles (the Registrar) by completing the Report an unsafe vehicle form below:

Report an unsafe vehicle (online)

Alternatively, you can submit a completed Report an unsafe vehicle (PDF) by


Or mail: Registrar of Motor Vehicles, GPO Box 1002, Hobart TAS 7001

2Why have I received a call-in notice on my vehicle?

If the Registrar receives notification that a vehicle may not be roadworthy, the Registrar may request a registered operator to present their vehicle for inspection at an Approved Inspection Station (AIS).

3How do I remove a call-in on my vehicle?

Rectify/repair your vehicle and ensure the vehicle is of roadworthy condition. Produce the vehicle for a full roadworthiness inspection at an AIS and return the completed Vehicle Inspection Report (on the reverse of this letter) and the General Inspection Report (provided by the AIS) to Vehicle Safety within the timeframe indicated on the notice.

Alternatively, if the call-in notice requires that the vehicle be inspected by a Transport Inspector, you must present your vehicle for a full inspection at the Transport Safety and Investigation Station nominated in your letter.

4How much does an inspection cost?

The fee for the inspection will be determined by the AIS.

Inspection fees are not regulated, however, the service provider is obligated to provide an estimate of the cost prior to conducting the inspection. A list of approved inspection stations can be found here.

5I cannot have the vehicle inspected in the timeframe provided, can I request an extension?

If you are not able to provide a passed general inspection report within the time frame indicated in the notice, you can request an extension. Your extension request will then be considered.

Extension of time requests can be emailed to

Alternatively, you may wish to cancel the vehicle’s registration by returning the number plates to any Service Tasmania shop, this can only be done before the vehicle’s registration is administratively cancelled.

6My vehicle has not been used recently, how has it been observed?

A vehicle can be witnessed or observed in person or by image, whether it be parked, driven or advertised.

7Can I find out who ‘called-in’ my vehicle?

All notifications received are treated confidentially. The details of the person who completed the notification will not be disclosed.

8My vehicle has been called in for non-compliant items, but I have certified modifications, am I still required to have the vehicle inspected?

If your vehicle has certified modifications you are still required to comply with directions of the call-in notice.

This is to satisfy the Registrar that the vehicle continues to be roadworthy and has no uncertified modifications.

9I received a call-in notice on a vehicle I no longer own, what do I do?

Call-in notices are sent to the registered operator recorded in the Motor Registry System. If you are no longer the operator of the vehicle you are required to submit a notice of disposal.

If you have not submitted a disposal notice, you remain responsible for the vehicle.