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1Apply for Taxi Smartcard

To apply for a Taxi Smartcard or an Australian Disability Parking Permit you will need to download and submit the appropriate form.

If you do not have a Disability Parking Permit, download and complete the Transport Access Scheme application form.

Already have a Disability Parking Permit, or you have a Taxi Smartcard which needs to be updated for wheelchair taxi access?  Please use the Transport Access Scheme supplement application form.

Applications take approximately 3 weeks.

2Replace a lost, stolen or damaged Taxi Subsidy Smartcard

If your Taxi Subsidy Smartcard is lost, stolen or damaged you can apply for a replacement card.

Do I need to pay a fee to replace the card?

The cost of a replacement Tax Subsidy Smartcard is $11.00.

The fee will be waived if the smartcard is:

  • faulty, and the faulty item is returned to a Service Tasmania Shop.
  • stolen, and a police report number is provided.

If the faulty item or a police report number isn’t provided, the fee will be payable.

What will happen when I submit my application?

  • Your smartcard will be cancelled and cannot be reactivated.
  • Your replacement smartcard will take approximately 28 days to arrive.

Start Application

What if I can’t use the online form?

Use the paper application form (as per new form) or go to a Service Tasmania Shop.

3How does the Taxi Subsidy Program work with NDIS?

Under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), support for participants may include funding to help with taxi fares. For a transition period, NDIS participants are able to keep accessing the Taxi Subsidy Program using their Taxi Smartcard while they adjust to the NDIS. More information on this is available on the NDIS page.

The amount an NDIS participant who qualifies for the Taxi Subsidy can receive will be capped. The cap has not started but it will be:

  • year 1 – capped at $1 000
  • each subsequent year until 31 December 2023 – capped at $350.

The Department of State Growth will write to affected NDIS participants when the cap starts.

Before the cap starts a taxi driver may give a receipt:

  • showing the word “CAP” on it – there will not be a number next to it, as the “CAP” has not started
  • showing the word “USED” – the  number next to it will show the amount of taxi subsidies used on the Taxi Smartcard for all taxi trips this year – if the amount is not correct telephone 1300 135 513.

For more information on changes to the taxi fare receipt download:

The Department of State Growth will continue to work closely with the NDIA and advocacy groups to help make the transition to the NDIS as smooth as possible for Tasmanians.