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Taxi areas

Taxis can only be operated to, from or within the taxi area to which their licence relates.  A taxi driver is not allowed to accept a  hiring which starts and finishes outside their taxi area.

View a map of the taxi areas in Tasmania. Zoom in on the map for detail of taxi area boundaries.

Requirements for vehicles being registered as a taxi for the first time

A vehicle which has not previously been used as a taxi in Tasmania can begin to be used as a taxi provided:

  • The vehicle was manufactured less than seven years prior to the time it is to become a taxi, and
  • Meets the ANCAP five star safety rating.

Vehicles that meet the ANCAP five star safety rating.  Safety rating shows the level of safety a vehicle provides for occupants and pedestrians in a crash, and its ability – through technology – to avoid or minimise the effects of a crash.  The ANCAP five star rating does not apply to vehicles that are intended to be used as a wheelchair accessible taxi.

Before a vehicle can be used as a taxi, it must have passed a regulatory inspection, have a class 6 MAIB insurance premium paid and a taxi licence plate attached to it.

Maximum operating age for taxis

Taxis can be used until aged 12 years.

The 12 year period is calculated from the:

  • Date on the compliance plate affixed to the vehicle, or
  • Date of manufacture recorded for the vehicle in the Register of Motor Vehicles and Trailers.

There are four types of taxi licences:

1Perpetual Taxi Licence

These licences are no longer being issued.  The only way to obtain one of these licences is to purchase or lease one from an existing licence holder.

If you purchase a licence you own it and can either use it in your own taxi service or lease it from another operator.

When you lease a perpetual taxi licence, you need to:

When you purchase a perpetual taxi licence, you need to:

2Owner-Operator Taxi Licence

There are two ways to obtain one of these licences:

  • through the annual release of licences by the Transport Commission
  • by purchasing from an existing licence holder. This requires consent from the Transport Commission for the transfer of the licence.
  • To apply for the transfer of a licence from another operator use this form

  • be a natural person
  • be accredited
  • be registered operator of a suitable vehicle that is not used to provide a taxi service under another licence
  • have no outstanding fees due to the Commission.

3Release of unsold Owner-Operator Taxi Licences

The tender to purchase a new owner operator taxi licence (OOTL) will not go ahead between 2020 and 2024.

4Wheelchair Accessible Taxi Licence

A wheelchair accessible taxi licence can be obtained from the Transport Commission or purchased from an existing operator. These licences cannot be leased.

Licences from the Commission are free (there is an application fee).

To be eligible you must:

  • be a natural person
  • be accredited
  • be the registered operator of a vehicle that is suitable to be used as a wheelchair accessible taxi.

If you want to obtain a wheelchair accessible taxi licence from the Commission, you need to make an application for a licence

If you want to transfer a wheelchair accessible taxi licence from another operator you will need approval from the Transport Commission. You will need to complete this form.

If you have a wheelchair accessible taxi licence and you want to transfer the licence to another vehicle, you need to complete this form

5Temporary Taxi Licence

This licence has the same effect as an owner operator taxi licence, except a temporary taxi licence is limited to the period that it is issued and is not transferable.

To be eligible for this licence you must:

  • be accredited
  • ensure that the vehicle proposed to be used is suitable for use as a taxi.

A temporary taxi licence is issued for a limited period of time from the Transport Commission