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Vehicles that must comply with Australian Design Rules include:

  • Cars
  • Light commercial goods vehicle up to 4.5t gvm
  • Trailers
  • Caravans
  • Motor cycles.

1How does the scheme work?

The dealer:

  • Verifies client/s identification.
  • Enters all registration details onto the Motor Registry System (MRS).
  • Prints registration certificates.
  • Ensures registration plates are assigned to the correct vehicle.
  • Deposits the fees into the Department of State Growth's bank account.
  • Forwards any re-registration application/s in a ZircoData batch format to their nearest Service Tasmania or direct to the Vehicle Registration Branch.

2Who can join?

To join the DRS, a dealer must:

  • Hold a Tasmanian exemption certificate issued under the Duties Act 2001.
  • Be a member of the Motor Trades Association (MTA).
  • Sell new vehicles and hold a current franchise agreement for Tasmania with a vehicle manufacturer recognised by the Registrar of Motor Vehicles.
  • Have a trading address in Tasmania.
  • Have a dealership that operates and trades from premises in Tasmania.
  • The Dealer Principle of a dealership is approved to register vehicles. This is delegated from the Registrar of Motor Vehicles.
  • The Dealer Principle can then delegate this power to nominated representatives in the dealership.
  • There can be a maximum of three nominated representatives in a dealership.

3Which vehicles can be registered under the scheme?

The dealer may  register:

Vehicles that require to be inspected if:

  • they are new and do not have a type approval number
  • they are new, never been registered anywhere and are greater than 2 years old
  • they are not new and have been:
    • unregistered for three months or more
    • traded from interstate.

4What are the responsibilities of the dealer?

Dealers that are part of the scheme must:

  • Maintain a register of all vehicle registration information, including the:
    • registered operator(s)
    • make
    • model
    • month and year of manufacture
    • colour
    • VIN and engine number.
  • Keep registration records confidential.
  • Be able to provide these records to State Growth on request.
  • Submit vehicles for inspection upon request.
  • Keep registration applications and plates securely and return these to Registration and Licensing if they no longer sell new vehicles.
  • Allow State Growth staff to conduct random audits during trading hours.
  • Inform State Growth within seven days if a Nominated Representative is no longer representing the dealer.

5What are the responsibilities of the nominated representatives?

Nominated representatives are responsible for:

  • Completing all registration documentation correctly and entered correctly onto the website.
  • Personally verifying vehicle details before registration including:
    • VINs
    • engine numbers
    • confirming the identity of customers by sighting evidence of identity documents
    • ensuring documents are signed by the appropriate person
    • assessing the required fees
    • ensuring all number plates are correctly attached to vehicles
    • post batched registration documents to Vehicle Registration Unit weekly
    • ensuring fees are banked with the Department of State growth account within 24 - 48 hours of being notified a batch has been processed.
    • ensuring all unissued number plates and certificates are secure at all times.

Only designated representatives have direct access to registration plates and certificates.

6Monitoring performance

Any breach of the conditions of the schemes by the Dealer or the authorised representatives will be subject to a review by the Registrar.

If a breach has been found it may result in penalties or the dealer being suspended from the Scheme.

If you have any questions regarding the Dealer Registration Scheme please contact 03 6166 4902.