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Exemptions subject to vehicle use/towing vehicles

Vehicles are exempt from registration if they are being:

  • used with trade plates displayed and compliant with the conditions of trade plate use
  • used within the conditions of a short term unregistered permit
  • driven directly across a public road to access property
  • driven or towed to the following places to be registered:
    • an Approved Inspection Station for a pre-registration inspection
    • a weighbridge
    • a Transport Safety Investigation Officer identity inspection location
    • any other place involved in the registration process such as Service Tasmania.
  • driven or towed from any of the places listed above to:
    • another place listed in the registration process
    • a place to garage the vehicle
    • somewhere the vehicle can be repaired if the inspection is failed.
  • driven by a Police Officer or an authorised officer in the course of their official duties.

Other registration exemptions for towed vehicles include:

  • vehicles towed by a registered tow truck
  • agricultural implements towed by another vehicle
  • trailers towed by an agricultural machine operating as an agricultural machine

Exemptions subject to vehicle type

Vehicles exempt from registration include:

  • motor vehicles that travel only on a railway, tramway or other fixed track
  • self-propelled wheelchairs
    • that are not capable of traveling more than 10km/h
  • self-propelled lawn mowers constructed and used solely for lawn mowing
    • that are not capable of traveling more than 10km/h
  • self-propelled vehicles designed for off-road work in construction, maintenance or warehouse operation
    • that are not capable of traveling more than 10km/h
    • that are only used on public streets for:
      • loading or unloading another vehicle
      • loading or unloading the vehicle onto another vehicle
      • maneuvring at a work site;
  • pedal cycles
    • with an auxiliary motor (or motors) with a power output (or combined power output) of not more than 200 watts;
    • refer to relevant information bulletin for more information
  • power-assisted pedal cycles

For further information please refer to The Vehicle and Traffic Act 1999