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Payment Options

Service Tasmania shops are located throughout Tasmania and accept all payments for registration and licensing fees.

Along with your payment please provide any relevant documentation eg renewal notice, Evidence of Identity etc. Your payment options are cash, money order, and credit (Visa or MasterCard) or debit card.

If you are renewing your registration only there are other ways to make a payment: (If expired greater than 3 months see Re establish Registration). If you have received a renewal notice and are unsure of what to do you can contact Service Tasmania on 1300 135 513 or international +61 3 6169 9017 for further assistance.

Payment options for renewing registration

See the reverse side of your registration renewal notice for payment options.

You must have your registration renewal notice to use these payment options as you will need to enter a payment number. The payment number is unique for each vehicle and each payment period option; if you are paying multiple vehicles please ensure you change the payment number for each payment made:

If you do not have a registration renewal notice you will need to contact 1300 135 513.


You can pay your registration online or phone through your BPAY. Effective from 30 November 2013 the Department of State Growth has a new BPAY Biller Code 227165 which must be used to pay all renewals issued from that date.

The payment number is listed below the amount due (payment numbers differ according to the registration period you wish to pay). Make sure you use the payment number which corresponds to the registration period. Each vehicle needs to be paid separately.

Online or Phone

Go to the Service Tasmania website or phone 1300 366 775 and follow the prompts. You can pay by Visa card or Mastercard ($15,000 limit applies).

You will need to enter the payment number that corresponds to the registration period you wish to pay. The payment numbers appear on your renewal notice.

Australia Post Outlets - Australia wide

If you require no change to your registration, you can pay your registration renewal at any Australia Post Outlet throughout Australia not just within Tasmania. You must have your registration renewal notice with you. You can pay by cash, money order, debit or Visa and MasterCard ($15,000 limit applies).

Direct Debit

You can have your vehicle registration renewal debited directly from your bank account. You will need to nominate a registration period (6 or 12 months for light vehicles, and 3, 6 or 12 months for heavy vehicles), and we will deduct the amount due directly from your account before the registration expiry date. Once you have signed up for direct debit your registration will be renewal automatically - you only need to ensure there are sufficient funds in your account. A renewal will be sent to you advising the amount and the date that your registration will be paid.Direct Debit Request Form

To sign up, download the MR6 Direct Debit Request Form (PDF 82KB) and return to the Registration and Licensing Branch - via email, GPO Box 1002, Hobart 7001, or Service Tasmania.

Check your renewal payment has been processed

You can check if your renewal has been updated by checking the registration details on the Registration Status Enquiry page which will display the registration expiry date. If you paid your registration by Service Tasmania online or phone prior to 6pm the registration will be updated the next day or if paid after 6pm the following day.

If you paid at Australia Post or by BPAY it can take up to 2 business days for the registration record to be updated. If after these time periods your expiry date has not been updated contact 1300 135 513 with your payment details.