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1Does my vehicle need registration?

Your vehicle will need to be registered if:

  • it is a motor vehicle or trailer that is used or parked on public streets.

Your vehicle will not need to be registered if it is being:

  • towed by a registered tow truck
  • driven or towed to the following places to be registered:
    • an Approved Inspection Station for a pre-registration inspection
    • a weighbridge
    • a Transport Safety Investigation Officer identity inspection location
    • any other place involved in the registration process such as Service Tasmania.
  • driven or towed from any of the places listed above to:
    • another place listed in the registration process
    • a place to garage the vehicle
    • somewhere the vehicle can be repaired if the inspection is failed.

For a complete list of registration exemptions please refer to the Exempt from registrations page.

2When does a vehicle need registering?

Most new vehicles purchased from a vehicle dealership in Tasmania will be registered by the dealership through the Tasmanian Dealer Registration Scheme.

Vehicles that may still need initial registration inspection include:

  • vehicles purchased from a dealership that is not part of the Dealer Registration Scheme
  • used vehicles
  • vehicles from interstate
  • imported vehicles
  • trailers

Vehicles will also need to be re-registered if their registration has expired for over three months.

3How do I register my vehicle?

To register a vehicle you need to:

  1. Have a pre-registration inspection at an Approved Inspection Station (AIS).
    • A list of AIS locations can be found here.
  2. On completion of a passed inspection, take the following documents to Service Tasmania.

To register a vehicle for conditional or restricted registration with:

  • Varied registration periods
  • Limited use
  • Specific use

Please refer to the registration options and permits page.

4How long can I register my vehicle for?

Light vehicles (not exceeding 4.5t GVM) can be registered for:

  • three months
  • six months
  • 12 months.

Heavy vehicles (exceeding 4.5t GVM) can be registered for:

  • three months
  • six months
  • 12 months.

5How much will my registration cost?

A list of registration fees for different types of vehicles and concessions can be found on the Registration fees page.

6What if my registration has been expired for three months or less?

The vehicle does not need to be inspected prior to being re-registered. It cannot be driven or parked or used on a road or road related area once registration has lapsed.

You can renew a vehicle's registration providing it has been expired for three months or less, by following the renewal process detailed on the Renew my registration page.

Please note

When paying the registration on a motor vehicle that has been expired for three months or less, the registration period starts from the expiry of the previous registration period and not the date of payment.

7How do I renew my registration?

Please refer to the Renew your registration page for the renewal process.

8Further registration options

Certain vehicles may be registered for:

  • varied registration periods
  • limited use
  • specific use.

These vehicles may have conditions attached to their registration.

Please refer to the Registration options and permits page for more information.