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Demerits and Offences

Information on what exemptions are available (if any) for Learner Drivers, Heavy Vehicles Drives, Seatbelts, Helmets and Tractors.

Disqualifications (Loss of Entitlement to Drive)

Your licence can be suspended, cancelled or varied for a range of reasons or you can be disqualified from driving. If you are disqualified you are disqualified from driving anywhere in Australia 

Demerit Points (Loss of Entitlement to Drive)

Information on offences and demerit points.

Restricted Licence

A restricted driver licence enables a customer to continue to drive with certain conditions attached to their licence when they would not otherwise be entitled to drive.

Probationary Licence

Following a court imposed disqualification or after period of licence suspension a customer may be issued with a licence that has certain conditions placed on it. This is known as a probationary licence.  A Case Manager will make an assessment of the licence holders driving history prior to issuing the licence as a probationary licence.

Period of Good Behaviour

Instead of having their licence suspended, a customer can apply for a period of good behaviour if the customer has a driver licence which is not a provisional or learner licence, and subject to a period of suspension for demerit points.

Getting a Licence Back

When your licence is suspended you will receive information from the Registrar of Motor Vehicles, advising you of when your suspension period starts and what you need to do when the suspension period finishes.

Returning Drivers Case Management

Returning Drivers Case Management assists drivers returning from periods of disqualification or suspension to re-enter the licensing system and to remain compliant with the laws around driving and driver licensing.

Returning your Licence

There are different situations when a licence needs to be returned or surrendered. Returning relates to the legal requirements to hand in a licence and being unable to drive. Surrendering relates to any voluntary handing in of a licence and being unable to drive. 

Mandatory Alcohol Interlock Program

Tasmania's Mandatory Alcohol Interlock Program (MAIP) applies to people who are convicted of drink driving offences after serving their disqualification. An alcohol ignition interlock stops a vehicle from being started if the driver has been drinking alcohol - a "Lockout". To legally drive, program participants must fit an alcohol interlock from an approved supplier to any vehicles they drive.

Traffic Offences

You can view a full list of traffic offences and fines or search for an offence.

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