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1How do I get my licence back after a suspension?

Getting your licence back is different depending on what sort of licence you held when you got suspended.

  • Full licence holders will receive their drivers licence in the mail prior to their suspension finishing. This does not mean you can start driving, as you’ll have to wait until the end of your suspension to start driving.
  • Provisional or Leaner Licence holders will not receive their licence in the mail. Rather, the day after your suspension finishes you must visit a Service Tasmania Shop to apply for a duplicate licence (you’ll also need to pay the associated fees and provide full evidence of identity). See novice penalties and case management for more information.

2How do I get my licence back after being disqualified or having a period of ineligibility?

If you’ve been disqualified from driving or are serving a period of ineligibility, you’ll receive a letter 28 days before the end of your disqualification. This will let you know what you have to do to get your licence back. This can include:

If your licence is approved after your disqualification period has ended, you can go to Service Tasmania to get your licence reissued (you’ll also need to pay the associated fees and provide full evidence of identity).

3What is Case Management?

Case management helps individuals return to driving (or riding) safely. It does this by taking into account your past driving/riding behaviours and convictions and developing approaches to assist and modify your behaviours that have resulted in offences in the past.

You can also check out the Decision Making Guidelines for Driver Returning from Periods of Disqualification or Suspension (PDF) and Driver Licensing Case Management Framework (PDF)

Driver licensing decision making guidelines

Decision making information sheets

4Who will be Case Managed?

Every licence holder who has a period of licence loss will be assessed for case management, taking into account their past driving, periods of licence loss and traffic infringements. If you have a pattern of unsafe or illegal driving behaviours, you may be case managed.

5What does being cased managed mean?

Being case managed can include the following:

  • completion of educational courses or drug/alcohol counselling
  • medical reviews
  • periodic monitoring to ensure no further driving offences have been committed
  • conditions being placed on your licence
  • extension of novice driving periods (for novice case management)
  • passenger restrictions
  • additional logbook hours
  • probationary licences.